Porto in 2 days - What to do?

The best of Porto with a combination of 3 experiences - Yellow City Cruises Porto is a great surprise.

Fascinating for being a genuine city, modern without losing the character that it brings along its - long - History. Let's get to know the city? Like the cities of the North, it has a monumental look that stands out immediately by the colors of the dominant stone. Narrow streets that tell stories, sidewalks that go up and down and stairways, small and large squares, and for background, the emblematic Douro.

The Douro that fills our soul with its landscapes, always busy taking those who pass on the typical Rabelo boats; and for a long time carrying the famous Port wines, from the breathtaking slopes of the wine region to the city's cellars.

Different scenarios, different experiences - so that nothing is left unexplored, we suggest the Yellow City Cruises ticket - it is one of the most complete Yellowbus products to get to know the city of Porto, offering a multiplicity of unforgettable experiences. Come with us. Porto has open arms and welcomes you - very well!

Discover the highlights at 4m height - Porto Historical Tour

Climb aboard the Sightseeing Porto Historical, (ticket Porto Vintage hop on - hop off), and get into the heart of the city, the historic center, driving along the avenues, with close attention to the architecture, discovering monumental, religious and cultural buildings: Porto Cathedral, is as old as it is grand, and goes through architectural periods that have added value to it over the centuries. It is part of the first Portuguese monuments in the country to be built, and dates from the 12th century, where it is initially built in Romanesque style, continued in Gothic and even received details in Baroque style, when it was renovated. Here were married King João I and Queen Filipa de Lencastre, the parents of the magnificent generation of the Discoveries.

If you’re a fan of glazed tiles, you must visit the São Bento train Station and get to know the stories they tell us. The tiles also cover the facades of churches, and there are many to discover! The Baroque period is very striking in this city, where the blue and white of the glazed tiles is contemporary, as is the volumetry in the churches. Speaking of Baroque, the famous monumental Clérigos tower and church are one of its greatest examples and mark what was a new urban era in the city, in the 18th century. Light, marble and gilded carvings enrich the volume and undulations of the granite stone. If you have the courage, climb the Torre dos Clérigos and count the steps! At the end you will be rewarded with a magnificent view. The Palácio da Bolsa, an imposing commercial building, houses one of the crown’s jewels: the Arab Room.

You can also visit it before heading to Cais da Ribeira, where you will find the bustle of rabelo boats and pleasure boats on sightseeing tours. And once in Cais da Ribeira, why not try the famous Francesinha? Don't be fooled by that meat sandwich, because besides the appetizing sauce where you can dip your fries in, it is a very substantial meal! Where to eat the best francesinhas in Porto? If you are in downtown, we suggest Café Santiago or Cervejaria Brasão. Let us know how it was!

Also, take the opportunity and go for a walk along the Douro river. In the late afternoon, watch the sunset over the Douro horizon, with one fino (chilled beer) on the rooftop of the Yeatman hotel, for a relaxing moment, while in the background the pace of the city slows down at the end of another day.

An experience with a taste of Port - Visit to the Cálem Cellars

We go down to the Gaia wharf, and there's nothing like finishing our tour in the Cálem cellars, an offer that this tour provides – where you can also get some gifts, to toast back home! Come and learn about the history of Port wine; it is a fascinating experience! In a journey through corridors of old barrels, with the aroma of the wine imprinted on the old wood, we will hear the story of these wines from the harvest to the descent of the barrels in the rabelo boats through the Douro River to the Gaia docks. The story has its happy ending in the tasting of the different types of Port: white, ruby and Tawny. Cheers!

Discover the charms of the Douro River - 6 Bridges Cruise

We dedicate this day to the city, seen from other perspectives, with the Six Bridges Cruise; embark with us at Ribeira Quay. Today we invite you to discover Porto from the Douro River, passing by the bridges for which the city and the river are also known for. It is a unique experience, since the tour on the Douro is done in a typical Rabelo boat, like the ones that once traveled the river from the vineyards slopes bringing the barrels of wine to the cellars of Gaia; it is thus a relaxing and also cultural experience that these boats offer. Porto's six bridges all differ from each other, and if the Metro passes over Luiz I bridge, trains departing to other cities go over São João bridge. The Freixo bridge is actually two bridges that are placed side by side - these and many other curiosities are waiting for you on a tour of landscapes that sway like the river's ripples.

Continuing the discovery, at 4m high - Porto Castles Tour

From the Historic Center we head to the sea, with the Porto Castles tour (Porto Vintage hop on - hop off ticket). We pass by Casa da Música; enter this building of bold architecture and check the billboard! We continue on our way, passing by the Serralves Foundation, where you can visit the contemporary art exhibition; here is also one of the city's green spots, as well as the immense Porto City Park. It's worth taking a break in nature, walking the trails where the kids love to run and play!

We arrive at Matosinhos beach, which deserves a walk to get to know its highlights; such as Sea Life Porto, an underwater tunnel where you enter and discover different marine species that involve you in their environment. And if there’s good weather, go to the beach! The Matosinhos waterfront also has a wide range of restaurants; here you will find the ideal setting to enjoy a good fish or seafood dish in the various restaurants. Enjoy your meal!

At the end of the tour, the bus ends right in the city center, for an afternoon of shopping in Santa Catarina street, or a snack at the emblematic Majestic Café. Speaking of emblematic, don't forget to include a visit to the centennial Lello Bookstore, which with its epic neo-Gothic stained-glass windows and staircase is one of the places not to be missed when visiting the city.

The Yellow City Cruises ticket (48h) does not leave out any of these experiences: from discovering the city in hop on hop off, to a moment of relaxation along the Douro River or the revelation of new wines, new experiences. Book now!

During the tours you will have seen a funicular – the Guindais funicular - which overcomes a steep climb to the top of the city, where at the end an impressive panorama awaits us! Or you will have even passed side by side with a streetcar by the river! Both are an authentic journey through the history of the city, on rails. Discover them and embark on more adventures with the Porto Premium 3 in 1 ticket.