The Best Porto Viewpoints

The beauty of cities is discovered when we experience them up close, but also when we observe them from afar.

To discover the charms of the city of Porto, we go in search of the best viewpoints in the city:

Jardim do Morro Viewpoint (Serra do Pilar)

On the Vila Nova de Gaia side, we have one of the most impressive perspectives of the city, right next to the old monastery of Serra do Pilar.

You can walk across the D. Luís bridge, or if you prefer to take the metro, there is a stop nearby.

The Jardim do Morro received interventions in 2017 and today is one of the most pleasant places to relax, sunbathing and gathering friends on the vast lawn space, or sitting on the benches that are turned like an amphitheater to the greatest show of all: the Douro River and the city of Porto.


The Cathedral itself is worth a visit, but when you get there, you discover that the views around it are amazing; in the square surrounding the Cathedral you can see, all around, several points of the city.

Don't miss a visit to the Cathedral and getting to know this 12th century building, with its medieval structure, wonderful altarpieces, and the cloister lined with elegant baroque tiles.

Jardim do passeio das virtudes

From here we can see the city and the river, until the estuary. If we suggest this viewpoint because it has a wide perspective, the garden itself in its framing with the landscape is of a beautiful scenery.

It is worth a visit to the garden to take the best pictures, admire its landscape surrounded by lush vegetation, and take a pleasant break on its terrace.

Fontaínhas Viewpoint

It is a belvedere a little far from the center, next to the Infante bridge.

This area of Fontaínhas has a unique view, which reaches the 4 bridges D. Luís, Infante, D. Maria Pia and São João.

Also, during the festivities of São João/St John the Baptist (June 24th) this viewpoint is one of the most popular due to its position and relative remoteness from the center, ideal to admire the fireworks.

If you visit this viewpoint on a Saturday, take the opportunity to pass through Alameda das Fontaínhas and discover the Vandoma fair, a Vintage and second-hand products market, which the great collectors do not let pass without paying a visit.

Top of the funicular, or Miradouro dos Guindais

After the steep ascent of the funicular, the line ends near the Fernandina wall (old city limits delimited at the time of D. Fernando I in the 14th century). Both by funicular and by the Guindais stairway we gain access to this viewpoint with superb views over the city and the river. And if you really like heights, you can also cross the D. Luís bridge from here by the upper deck, extending the panorama to Vila Nova de Gaia.

Crystal Palace Belvedere

The Crystal Palace has existed for many years and is one of the cultural icons of the city of Oporto.

Besides the cultural proposals, the entire space is worth a visit, with gardens, playground, café and viewpoints - the most recent is the viewpoint of the Rosa Mota pavilion dome, whose access requires the purchase of a ticket and has opening days: from Wednesday to Sunday. The 360º view is impressive as it is one of the highest points in the city, from where you can see the Douro River and the Port wine cellars, the Serra do Pilar monastery and the Arrábida bridge, and the city in its sepia tones, with elegant baroque lines - if you are not afraid of heights, you cannot miss this experience.

Vitória Viewpoint

The Miradouro da Vitória is located in the city center, with access from Rua da Vitória.

At first glance you can see the Cathedral, the São Lourenço church, the Serra do Pilar Monastery, as well as the D. Luís bridge and the Douro river. The gate indicates that the property is private, but access is allowed to get some of the best views of Porto.

For those who visit us, this viewpoint is a well-kept secret - some discover it during their walks through the center, somewhere between visiting the Palácio da Bolsa and on the way to Clérigos.

And what are your best kept secrets of the city of Oporto? What are you carrying in your cameras and would you like to share with us and everyone who will visit this wonderful city? We are waiting for you on social media 😉