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Want to discover all the things to see in Porto, Matosinhos and Vila Nova de Gaia? The bridges, the architecture, the port wine and the cultural and nightlife make Oporto an ideal holiday destination. As Porto's travel guide, go to the historic centre of Oporto, the Clérigos Bell Tower, Serralves Foundation, Casa da Música and Cais de Gaia are some of the many must-see attractions. Visit the best things to see in Porto on a Yellow Bus Sightseeing Tour!

  • M80


    Music is the face of ClubM80, which only plays 80’s songs.

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  • Monument Church of St Francis of Assisi

    Monument Church of St Francis of Assisi

    In the city, it is the main temple built in the Gothic style and one of the most important works of Baroque architecture due to it

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  • Porto Cathedral

    Porto Cathedral

    Built in the Romanesque style, this 12th/13th century building has suffered expansions and renovations over the years until its fi

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  • Clérigos Towers

    Clérigos Towers

    It was built in the first half of the 18th century and, after a 240 step climb, it offers a panoramic view over the city and the D

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  • Bolsa Palace

    Bolsa Palace

    This is one of the most visited monuments in the Historic Centre of the city, and it boasts possessing the famous Arabic lounge.

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  • Arch of Sant´Ana

    Arch of Sant´Ana

    The Arch of Sant'Ana das Aldas was one of the four doors to the old city of Oporto, and was meant to access the city’s waterfront

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  • Paços do Concelho Building

    Paços do Concelho Building

    The top of the central tower, which has a chime clock, can only be reached by climbing 180 stairs; standing at a height of 70 mete

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  • Pedro Sem Tower

    Pedro Sem Tower

    Despite the multiple adulterations that it has suffered throughout the years, the tower maintains general medieval features.

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  • Lello Bookstore

    Lello Bookstore

    The current building dates back to 1906. Inside, the staircase that accesses the upper floor and the large stained glass window in

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  • Shopping Centre Cidade do Porto

    Shopping Centre Cidade do Porto

    The Shopping Centre Cidade do Porto is located in the Boavista area and is over 15,000 m² in size, spread out over four floors and

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  • Shopping Centre Via Catarina

    Shopping Centre Via Catarina

    It is a charismatic and unique space with 93 shops, which is located in the downtown area, on Santa Catarina Street.

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  • Bolhão Market

    Bolhão Market

    The Bolhão Market is the most emblematic market of the city. Dating back to 1850, it possesses a unique structure and two floors.

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  • Soares dos Reis National Museum

    Soares dos Reis National Museum

    It includes collections of ceramics, sculptures, pictures, among other works; highlighting “The Exiled”, a masterpiece by the scul

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  • Port Wine Museum

    Port Wine Museum

    The Port Wine Museum is a dedication to the importance that Port Wine and its trade had on the development of the city.

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  • Serralves Museum

    Serralves Museum

    The Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art is the first of its kind in Portugal and is also the largest multidisciplinary cultural c

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  • Museum of Natural History

    Museum of Natural History

    The Museum is divided into 4 distinct groups: the Zoology Room, the Paleontology Room, the Mineralogy Room and the Archaeology and

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  • Pharmacy Museum

    Pharmacy Museum

    The collection covers 500 million years of history associated to the struggle of man to heal diseases and ease pain. Objects of ra

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  • Casa da Música

    Casa da Música

    Designed by Rem Koolhaas, Casa da Música was inaugurated in 2005 and has since become an icon of contemporary architecture.

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  • Rosa Mota Pavilion

    Rosa Mota Pavilion

    Named after the illustrious athlete from Oporto, it was inaugurated in 1956 and built to replace the famous Crystal Palace.

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  • Filha da Mãe Preta

    Filha da Mãe Preta

    Specialties: Bacalhau à mãe preta (house specialty with salted cod); Stuffed squid; Seafood rice; Tripas à moda do Porto (tripe wi

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  • O Escondidinho

    O Escondidinho

    Specialties: Bacalhau à Escondidinho (house specialty with salted cod); Pescada à Escondidinho (house specialty with Hake); Gratin

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  • Cafeina


    Specialties: Monkfish Skewers; Scallops with rosemary seasoning and aroma; Zucchini Risotto.

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  • Foz Velha

    Foz Velha

    Specialties: Grilled beef with Serra da Estrela cheese; Cold bread stew with crab and marinated cod.

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  • O Paparico

    O Paparico

    Specialties: Barbecued Cod; Posta Mirandesa (steak); Roasted Rice with ribs; Roasted lamb .

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  • Wine Quay Bar

    Wine Quay Bar

    Allow yourself to be inspired by the selection of wines at the Wine Quay Bar which are presented with a small informational note.

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  • Essência


    Specialties: Risottos; Seitan steaks with flaked almonds; Buttery chocolate cake with citrus fruit icecream.

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  • Peebz


    Specialties: Hamburgers

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  • DOP


    Specialties: Tongue Carpaccio; Tripas à Moda do Porto (tripe with white beans); Bacalhau dos Congregados (dish with salted cod); B

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  • Capa Negra II

    Capa Negra II

    Specialties: Francesinhas (a sandwich which includes a variety of meats, covered with melted cheese and a hot thick tomato and bee

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  • Cockburn Port Winery

    Cockburn Port Winery

    Cockburn’s was founded in 1815 by Robert Cockburn, a Scottish soldier who fought in Portugal during the Peninsular War.

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  • Calém Cellars

    Calém Cellars

    The Cálem Cellars have been dedicated to producing and selling Port Wines since 1859.

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  • Porto Tram Museum

    Porto Tram Museum

    This museum displays some of the first electric traction vehicles that operated in Oporto’s public transports system at the beginn

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  • Luís I Bridge

    Luís I Bridge

    The Luís I Bridge was inaugurated on October 31st, 1886, linking the Ribeira area to the pier of Gaia and the Batalha Square to Se

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  • São João Baptista Fortress

    São João Baptista Fortress

    Built at the end of the 16th century to defend the coast, it is an example of military architecture. Modern bastions were added to

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  • Casa Barbot

    Casa Barbot

    It is a unique example of Art Nouveau in the municipality and is currently its House of culture. The greenhouse garden, lake, cave

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  • Plano B

    Plano B

    It's a classic in the city – an alternative space that combines various arts: live music, theatre, cinema, design, photography and

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  • DOT Club

    DOT Club

    In a somewhat industrial atmosphere, with concrete walls and floors, artistic details stand out that make this an area at the fore

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  • Casa do Livro

    Casa do Livro

    It is located on the premises of an old bookstore and the atmosphere is typical of a jazz club and suggests a diversified programm

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  • World of Discoveries

    World of Discoveries

    It is an Interactive Museum and Theme Park that recreates the Odyssey of the Portuguese navigators on the discovery of a previousl

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  • National Printing Press Museum

    National Printing Press Museum

    It is a museum which was inaugurated in 1997, where visitors can try out the ancient art of manual printing.

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  • Serra do Pilar Monastery

    Serra do Pilar Monastery

    It was finished in around 1670 with the completion of the Nossa Senhora do Pilar Church and is now a World Heritage site.

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  • São Bento Railway Station

    São Bento Railway Station

    It was built at the beginning of the 20th century with a glass and cast iron cover, on the same spot where the Convent of S. Bento

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  • Military Museum of Porto

    Military Museum of Porto

    It has collections of light weapons, equipment, uniforms and heavy artillery, spanning a period from the 16th century to the mid 2

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  • Casa do Infante

    Casa do Infante

    Casa do Infante was named after Henry the Navigator, who was born there, and is made up of a group of buildings constructed to hou

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  • Carmo Church

    Carmo Church

      This church was built in the mid-18th century but has been altered over the years. It has some beautiful 17th and 18th ce

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  • Episcopal Palace of Porto

    Episcopal Palace of Porto

    It seems to have been built in the 13th century; however, it can have been based on a previous construction. It was remodeled in 1

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  • Saint Francisco Xavier Fortress (Queijo Castle)

    Saint Francisco Xavier Fortress (Queijo Castle)

    It is known as the Queijo Castle since it was supposedly built on a round granite rock which had the shape of a cheese. 

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  • Guindais Funicular Railway

    Guindais Funicular Railway

    Travel on the Guindais Funicular Railway, which was built in 1891 and has been completely restored after a century of inactivity.&

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  • Church of Saint Ildefonso

    Church of Saint Ildefonso

    It was built in the 18th century and its facade is lined with tiles by Jorge Colaço depicting scenes from the life of Saint Ildefo

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  • Café Majestic

    Café Majestic

    It was founded in 1921 and is considered one of the most beautiful examples of Art Nouveau in the city of Oporto, having been clas

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  • Church of Santa Clara

    Church of Santa Clara

    It is a building of Gothic origin, whose interior was gilded in the first half of the 18th century.

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  • Church of Santo António dos Congregados

    Church of Santo António dos Congregados

    This church dates back to the early 1700’s and has a Baroque facade. It was dedicated to Santo António and stands out due to the e

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  • Church and Convent of São Francisco

    Church and Convent of São Francisco

    The Church and Convent of São Francisco of Faro was founded in the late 17th century by Franciscan monks. 

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  • Church of São Lourenço

    Church of São Lourenço

    The construction of this church began in the 16th century and it boasts a monumental facade which is a mixture of the Jesuit-Baroq

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  • The City Park

    The City Park

    It is lined with a palm tree grove and it houses a granite fountain, two Obelisks by Nasoni and a small “romantic chalet”.

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  • Crystal Palace Gardens

    Crystal Palace Gardens

    This park, which has exotic plants and very large and rare trees, is composed of the Crystal Palace Gardens, Quinta da Macieirinha

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  • Botanical Garden

    Botanical Garden

    This garden of great monumentality, which was created in 1951, consists of distinct areas separated by large shrubs of camellias.

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  • Ferreira Wine Cellars

    Ferreira Wine Cellars

    Created by a family of winemakers in 1751, the Ferreira Wine Cellars have a rich tradition and a prominent role in the history of

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  • The House of Sandeman

    The House of Sandeman

    The House of Sandeman is situated in Porto's Historic Centre and invites you in for an experience in a traditional yet cosmopolita

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  • Water Pavilion

    Water Pavilion

    This is an interactive space which uses color, light and sound to produce effects, simulate events and explain phenomena.

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  • Planetarium


    It opened to the public in November 1998. Its key mission is to motivate the population’s interest in the area of astronomy.

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  • Sea life

    Sea life

    SEA LIFE Porto allows you to journey through typical scenarios of the region, from the Douro terraces to the historical Luis I Bri

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  • ZOO Santo Inácio

    ZOO Santo Inácio

    ZOO Santo Inácio caters for more than 800 animals of 262 species, in wide spaces and habitats that guarantee their genuine behavio

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  • Twins 19.74.

    Twins 19.74.

    Twins 19.74 is a urban chic space in Porto with restaurant, bar and club. Full with good vibes.  Eat. Drink. Dance. Repeat.

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