City Guide & Suggestions

Fancy a tour of Guimarães? Looking for things to do in Guimarães Portugal? The city was founded over a thousand years ago, "Vimaranes", as it was then known, was the cradle of the nation and is one of Portugal's oldest and most charming cities. It has been the site of many key events in the country's history. It was the birthplace, for example, of Portugal's first king, Afonso Henriques. Discover the historic relics, iconic monuments, flower-filled squares and relaxing pavement cafes – discover all of the charms of Guimarães, European Capital of Culture 2012.

  • St. Peter

    St. Peter's Church

    Built in 1737 it features a simple architecture. The altarpiece, made of blue and golden gilt wood, expresses the eclectic taste t

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  • Largo da Oliveira

    Largo da Oliveira

    Located in the historical district of Guimarães it includes several monuments. It was designated as a World Heritage site by the U

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  • Santa Maria Street

    Santa Maria Street

    Old medieval street in the historical district of Guimarães. It was one of the first streets built in the city.    

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  • Largo do Toural

    Largo do Toural

    This site which is nowadays considered the heart of the city, was in the seventeenth century a plaza at the village entrance, wher

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  • Largo dos Laranjais

    Largo dos Laranjais

    Large square adorned with orange trees (“laranjeiras”). Here stand out a medieval tower and a tribute to Alberto Sampaio. &nb

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  • Statue of Dom Afonso Henriques

    Statue of Dom Afonso Henriques

    Imposing statue built in honor of the first king of Portugal, Afonso Henriques. Carved by Soares dos Reis, it was inaugurated in 1

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  • Park of Penha

    Park of Penha

    Park built-in the mountain with a large botanical diversity, some fountains and a viewpoint with privileged views over the city.

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  • Mountain of Penha

    Mountain of Penha

    Highest point of the urban area of ​Guimarães from where you can enjoy an unique landscape.    

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  • Dom João I Street

    Dom João I Street

    Narrow street lined with old stone houses with wooden balconies. It was once one of the busiest streets in Guimarães.  

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  • Campo da Ataca

    Campo da Ataca

    A set of seven statues erected on the site where in 1128, according to History, the Battle of São Mamede began.     

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  • Park of the Cidade Desportiva

    Park of the Cidade Desportiva

    Open since 2001, this is a large free access space with grass and trees perfect for recreation and sport.

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  • Park of São Torcato

    Park of São Torcato

    Spacious and pleasant space it has an artificial lake crossed by a small bridge. Emphasis on the fauna and diverse flora.

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  • Vila de Brito

    Vila de Brito's Leisure Park

    A green area with a playground, two football fields, an area for ​extreme sports and a fitness circuit. 

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  • City Park

    City Park

    Park full of grass and trees with a beautiful artificial lake. It has catering services, a playground and a sports hall.

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  • Carmo

    Carmo's Garden

    Located next to Convento do Carmo and surrounded by palaces, it is a nice area  embellished by a seventeenth-century fountain

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  • Jardim Público da Alameda

    Jardim Público da Alameda

    A space with lots of trees, park benches and a bandstand where cultural activities such as philharmonic concerts take place. 

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  • INATEL Sport Pavilion

    INATEL Sport Pavilion

    Sports hall was built in 1967 for the practice of sport and to hold clubs and associations' practices and competitions. It was rec

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  • Guimarães

    Guimarães' Multi-use Pavilion

    Located in one of the city's main entrances, this is a space which hosts many different sport, festive and cultural activities.

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  • Scorpio Water Park

    Scorpio Water Park

    Amusement and water park with two pools and another area with Fantasyland and Waterslide.    

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  • Dom Afonso Henriques Stadium

    Dom Afonso Henriques Stadium

    Vitória Sport Clube's Football Stadium. Restored for the 2004 European Football Championship, it has capacity for 30,000 people.

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  • Cable car

    Cable car

    Located at the center of Guimarães, it offers a ride with a unique view of the city all the way to Montanha da Penha.

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  • Viva Park

    Viva Park

    This Natural Park provides multiple options and fun based on adventure: climbing, archery among other activities.

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  • Athletic Track Gémeos Castro

    Athletic Track Gémeos Castro

    Synthetic floor track with eight lanes and a 1200 people stand. Built in honor of Guimarães' international athletes Domingos and D

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  • Bar Infusões

    Bar Infusões

    It is one of the most charismatic and popular bars in town where cultures, music, "tribes", environments and flavors mix. &nb

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  • Noitibó Bar

    Noitibó Bar

    Bar with young and relaxed atmosphere. Karaoke stage on Thursdays and Fridays, it hosts themed parties on Saturdays.   &

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  • Duas de Treta

    Duas de Treta

    Situated in the middle of Praça de Santiago, it is a space that brings together a young and relaxed atmosphere with good music. &n

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  • Zero Graus

    Zero Graus

    The first Gin Bar in Guimarães, located in the historic district, it has a list of over 70 gins.

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  • Museum of Ham

    Museum of Ham

    Coffee bar set up in 2002 which offers a game room and Internet access. It features the Hamburger à Museu an exclusive snack. 

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  • Spirito Cupcakes

    Spirito Cupcakes

    More than an ice cream parlor, this is a space that unites the Italian ice creams with the Anglo-Saxon pastry and the coffee cultu

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  • Morocco House of Tea

    Morocco House of Tea

    It combines a special selection of products to meet the most demanding tastes. It calls for a moment of introspection with relaxin

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  • Canela Moscada

    Canela Moscada

    It combines a special selection of products to meet the most demanding tastes. It calls for a moment of introspection with relaxin

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  • Occhio Club

    Occhio Club

    Diverse space and a reference in the Guimarães nightlife. It associates music to the pleasure of a good dinner.

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  • Gelataria Regatto

    Gelataria Regatto

    Nice spot that features famous homemade ice creams made with milk and fresh fruit. It is also a pizzeria.    

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  • Castas e Tostas

    Castas e Tostas

    With an informal and modern atmosphere, it combines an excellent selection of national wines with a variety of "tapas."

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  • Rolhas & Rótulos

    Rolhas & Rótulos

    A wine-bar located in the historic district, it serves tapas and offers a wide selection of wines, beers, cheeses, hams and portug

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  • Espaço Guimarães

    Espaço Guimarães

    A shopping center which features 136 shops, including 22 restaurants, 6 movie theaters, supermarket and car park.   &nbs

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  • Guimarães Shopping

    Guimarães Shopping

    A Shopping Center with large panoramic spaces, 109 shops and a warm Food Square.

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  • Raul Rodrigues Brandão Municipal Public Library

    Raul Rodrigues Brandão Municipal Public Library

    Founded in 1992, it offers several sections: newspapers, children and teens area, audiovisual, multimedia and local background.

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  • Vitória Sport Clube

    Vitória Sport Clube' Bingo

    Large living room located at the heart of the city with a cozy and air-conditioned environment. It features modern electronic pane

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  • Gomes Alves Gallery

    Gomes Alves Gallery

    A cultural gallery founded in 1990, it occupies an important place in Guimarães for its role in disseminating contemporary art.

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  • Alberto Sampaio Museum

    Alberto Sampaio Museum

    Created in 1928, it features local objects and ancient sacred art, including sculptures, jewelery, paintings, tiles and more.

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  • Museum of Modern Primitive Art

    Museum of Modern Primitive Art

    Created in 1991 the museum exhibits a collection that includes about 300 works by national and international painters.

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  • Archaeological Museum Martins Sarmento

    Archaeological Museum Martins Sarmento

    Founded in 1885, the most important Portuguese Museum of castro culture brings together pieces from most archaeological sites nort

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  • Museum of Agriculture of Fermentões

    Museum of Agriculture of Fermentões

    Museum dedicated to agriculture in which several rooms feature the different instruments used by craftsmen to make linen, wine, br

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  • Ethnographic Museum of São Torcato

    Ethnographic Museum of São Torcato

    Inaugurated in 1985, it exhibits an outstanding collection related to the construction of the temple, the pilgrimages and the cult

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  • Platform of the Arts

    Platform of the Arts

    A diverse space dedicated to artistic, cultural, economic and social activity. Originated in an infrastructural project to transfo

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  • Vila Flor

    Vila Flor's Cultural Center

    Installed in a wing of Vila Flor Palace, it features two auditoriums, four meeting rooms, an exhibition area, restaurant and café-

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  • Guimarães Film-club

    Guimarães Film-club

    Created in 1958, it promotes the meeting between the community and the seventh art and is one of the largest film clubs in the cou

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  • São Mamede CAE

    São Mamede CAE

    An old cinema converted into a multidisciplinary cultural space featuring a concert hall, an art gallery, a café-concert and a boo

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  • Multifunctional Complex of Couros

    Multifunctional Complex of Couros

    A set of nineteenth century buildings that are now used as a multifunctional  complex hosting diverse cultural activities.

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  • Planet Bowling Guimarães

    Planet Bowling Guimarães

    Two-story space with bowling lanes, pool tables, gaming machines, bars and live music.

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  • qb Arte & Gourmet

    qb Arte & Gourmet

    Modern cultural and cosmopolitan space which combines design, fashion, art gallery, gourmet area and Wine and Tea Bar.

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  • Casa da Rua Nova

    Casa da Rua Nova

    Known as a building of  medieval origin characteristic of the city of Guimarães, it has three floors and a small garden. It w

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  • Tannery


    Founded in the nineteenth century, it is nowadays a modern company where tradition and technology come together to produce raw mat

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  • Guimarães

    Guimarães' Castle

    It is one of the best known monuments in the country and one of the Seven Wonders of Portugal. Open from 10:00 to 18:00. &nbs

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  • Guimarães

    Guimarães' Walls

    A monument that covered approximately 2000m and from which remains a large area and one of the eight towers.    

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  • Convent of the Dominicas

    Convent of the Dominicas

    Founded in the early seventeenth century it highlights a number of altarpieces in gilt and an organ from the time of D. João V.

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  • Convent of Santo António dos Capuchos

    Convent of Santo António dos Capuchos

    An old convent built in the seventeenth century which also worked as an hospital. Nowadays it is the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de

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  • Monastery of Santa Marinha da Costa

    Monastery of Santa Marinha da Costa

    This Romanesque temple has been remodeled and enlarged over the years. In its interior there can be found a remarkable set of reli

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  • Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Guia

    Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Guia

    One of the seven chapels built in 1727 in honor of the people's devotion to the Passion of Christ.

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  • Chapel of Santa Cruz (Holy Cross)

    Chapel of Santa Cruz (Holy Cross)

    Eighteenth century mannerist temple located behind the Guimarães' Castle. Inside, the azulejos from the Camelia family (painted ti

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  • Chapel of Bom Despacho

    Chapel of Bom Despacho

    Sixteenth-century mannerist and baroque chapel. The frontispiece is flanked by a bell tower with a conical cap.    

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  • Church of Saint Damasus

    Church of Saint Damasus

    Church decorated with gilt and tiles depicting the life of Pope St. Damasus, who according to tradition was born in Guimarães.

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  • Church of Nossa Senhora da Oliveira

    Church of Nossa Senhora da Oliveira

    Romanesque temple rebuilt by Dom João I to celebrate the victory in Aljubarrota Battle to fulfill a promise he had made to Nossa S

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  • Church of Santa Cristina de Serzedelo

    Church of Santa Cristina de Serzedelo

    Romanesque temple from the twelfth century that belonged to the Templars. It is the most important historical and cultural referen

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  • Church of Saint Francis

    Church of Saint Francis

    Gothic church, subject of profound and systematic changes. Its major feature is the framed altarpiece in joanino style which is co

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  • Church of Saint Michael

    Church of Saint Michael

    Romanesque church with an historical connection to the nation's foundation and the place of baptism of D. Afonso Henriques. &

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  • Sanctuary of Penha

    Sanctuary of Penha

    Sanctuary built in 1946 it features a church, several shrines and a park with several natural caves that served as shelters in the

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  • Shrine of São Torcato

    Shrine of São Torcato

    A church with a revivalist and eclectic architecture. Inside you will find the sacrosanct body of St. Torcato, one of the first ev

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  • Briteiros

    Briteiros' Hill fort

    A set of impressive archaeological ruins of the Roman occupation.  It shows numerous buildings that date back more than 2000

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  • Palace of the Dukes of Bragança

    Palace of the Dukes of Bragança

    A majestic manor of the fifteenth century where the Dukes of Bragança lived. Open every day from 10am to 18pm.    

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  • Casa Amarela - Restaurante & Café Concerto

    Casa Amarela - Restaurante & Café Concerto

    Famous for its high quality cuisine, it is a multifunctional space where are held live concerts, shows and other events. &nbs

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  • ForMigas Restaurante

    ForMigas Restaurante

    A modern space where the natural light and the landscape are major assets. The cuisine favors the Mediterranean and Oriental flavo

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  • Piccolo Mondo

    Piccolo Mondo

    Italian restaurant located in a wide space known by its pleasant environment. Open from 11am to 12pm.

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  • Monte dos Leitões

    Monte dos Leitões

    Simple and cozy restaurant open since 2005 with a capacity of 300 seats. Its specialty is  the piglet (leitão) roast in wood-

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  • Cor de Tangerina

    Cor de Tangerina

    Set in a cozy space, this vegetarian restaurant comprises a cafeteria and  a tea house. Closed on Mondays.

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  • Chello

    Chello's Restaurante & Bar

    Open since 2013, it focuses on a differentiated gastronomic concept. Its privileged location offers fantastic views of the Guimarã

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  • Hool


    Opposite to the Largo da Oliveira, this restaurant fuses in a single space the best of the traditional cuisine with the internatio

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  • Restaurante & Snack-Bar Buxa

    Restaurante & Snack-Bar Buxa

    A classy and welcoming restaurant located in the historic district of Guimarães, it offers an excellent menu of Portuguese cuisine

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  • Solar do Arco

    Solar do Arco

    Founded in 1994, it offers a diversified cuisine based on different influences and culinary styles while highlighting the Portugue

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  • Bar Danúbio

    Bar Danúbio

    Restaurant of delicious hamburgers. This simple space attracts local crowds for small snacks or a cold beer with friends.

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  • Baunilha Moscada

    Baunilha Moscada

    It combines a special selection of gourmet products to meet the most discerning tastes and expectations.

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  • Restaurante Pedrinhas

    Restaurante Pedrinhas

    Open since 2003,  it serves regional cuisine dishes recognizable by a touch of innovation. Spacious and pleasant.

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  • Alameda Park

    Alameda Park

    A large modern and cozy space, it has a relaxing terrace with a charming landscape. It serves a selection of regional cuisine snac

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  • Restaurante Pizzaria Vila Fiori

    Restaurante Pizzaria Vila Fiori

    An Italian restaurant known for its pizzas, pastas and a wide variety of meat and fish.    

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  • Restaurante Café Oriental

    Restaurante Café Oriental

    A Portuguese traditional cuisine restaurant, it is an historic and cozy space that offers a magnificent view of the Toural Square.

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  • Restaurante Fentelhas

    Restaurante Fentelhas

    What used to be an  old tavern it is now a regional cuisine restaurant with a large and well decorated room.

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  • Papaboa


    A modern style restaurant where you can taste traditional products exquisitely confectioned. It is located in the Old Manor of the

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  • Mikisushi


    It offers an extensive menu of Japanese specialties, especially the sushi. It combines rustic stone walls with modern decoration.&

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