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Do you want to see Coimbra sights? There are several things to see in Coimbra - Portugal. Eternally young but full of history, the university city of Coimbra promises a unique experience. Explore the city with Coimbra Travel Guide where 6 of Portugal's kings were born and where the country's first university, one of the oldest in Europe, was founded. Enjoy sightseeing in Coimbra and be carried away by its tuneful and melancholic fado and discover the charm of its picturesque and romantic streets, stairways, courtyards and medieval arches.

  • University of Coimbra

    University of Coimbra

    It is one of the most respected and prestigious cultural institutions in Portugal. Created in 1290, it is the oldest university in

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  • Iron Door of the University of Coimbra

    Iron Door of the University of Coimbra

    Gateway in the Courtyard of Schools of the University of Coimbra, dated from 1634 and made by the Architect António Tavares. 

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  • Via Latina of the University of Coimbra

    Via Latina of the University of Coimbra

    In the main facade of the former Royal Palace, it was built in the reign of King João V. Its current aspect dates back to 1773.

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  • Mermaid

    Mermaid's Garden

    A project conceived and built in King João V's time, and rebuilt in 2005. In the central space, there is a sculpture of the Virgin

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  • King Duarte the Second

    King Duarte the Second

    Fish of the day, fresh seafood and an tasteful selection of high quality wines are its main qualities.

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  • Choupal National Forest

    Choupal National Forest

    A great place to rest and walk in the middle of lush vegetation. A huge green park!

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  • NB Club

    NB Club

    One of the most acclaimed clubs of Coimbra, with constant presence of renowned international DJs.

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  • Cemitério da Conchada

    Cemitério da Conchada

    The largest cemetery in the region, whose construction was conducted in mid-nineteenth century, it has great historical and archit

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  • Clock Tower

    Clock Tower

    In the Schools Square of the University of Coimbra, the 100 year old tower houses the clock and the bells that set the hours of th

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  • Quinta das Lágrimas Urbanization Playground

    Quinta das Lágrimas Urbanization Playground

    Space especially dedicated to children, with slides, swings and other diversions.

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  • Ocean

    Ocean's Bar

    Animation is not lacking in this bar, which offers theme parties, karaoke nights on Mondays and Ladies Night on Tuesday.

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  • House Museum of Miguel Torga

    House Museum of Miguel Torga

    A place in honor of the Portuguese writer with assets consisting of a vast library, furniture, paintings and personal objects of t

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  • Leroy-Merlin


    The finest place in Coimbra to buy building materials and tools. Very close to Coimbra Shopping.

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  • House Museum Bissaya Barreto

    House Museum Bissaya Barreto

    Dating back to the second half of the twentieth century, it was here that Bissaya Barreto lived. In the interior, there is a selec

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  • Mango

    Mango's Garden

    It is one of the first fully Renaissance architectural works in Portugal and whose structure is evocative of the Fountain of Life.

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  • Old Cathedral of Coimbra

    Old Cathedral of Coimbra

    One of the most important buildings in the Romanesque style. From the outside, it looks like a castle and stands out for its near

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  • Crafts House of the Old Cathedral

    Crafts House of the Old Cathedral

    Magical place, with the best of handicrafts, pottery and tiles in the region. Thin and unique pieces that are not seen everyday.

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  • Monastery of Santa Cruz

    Monastery of Santa Cruz

    Founded in 1131 by the Order of the Regular Canons of St. Augustine, it nowadays admits the services of the Municipality of Coimbr

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  • Church of Santo António dos Olivais

    Church of Santo António dos Olivais

    The church of the old Convent of St Anthony, with a vestibule that leads to it through a portico in ogive. Access by a grand stair

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  • Monastery of Santa Clara-a-Velha

    Monastery of Santa Clara-a-Velha

    Inaugurated in 2001, it's divided into two poles: The Chiado Building - Collection Telo de Morais and the Almedina Tower - Center

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  • Municipal Museum of Coimbra

    Municipal Museum of Coimbra

    Inaugurated in 2001, it's divided into two poles: The Chiado Building - Collection Telo de Morais and the Almedina Tower - Center

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  • Door and Tower of Almedina

    Door and Tower of Almedina

    Its construction dates back to the eleventh century, and it currently serves as the boundary between the parishes of Almedina and

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  • Conímbriga


    It is the best preserved traces of the Roman colonization through Portugal. In addition to the ruins, it has a museum.

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  • Stadium of Coimbra City

    Stadium of Coimbra City

    With a capacity for 30,000 spectators, it is the home of Académica and one of the most modern stadiums in Portugal. It also hosts

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  • Museum Machado de Castro

    Museum Machado de Castro

    This excellent museum of Fine Arts stands out for its impressive collection of painting, sculpture and decorative arts.  

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  • Dolce Vita Coimbra

    Dolce Vita Coimbra

    Large shopping center, with upscale stores, restaurants and comfortable cinemas.

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  • Botanical Garden

    Botanical Garden

    Inaugurated in 1722 by initiative of the Marquis of Pombal, this great space promotes environmental education programs.

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  • Café Santa Cruz

    Café Santa Cruz

    Located in downtown Coimbra, it is one of the most traditional cafés in the city and a meeting place for social gathering.

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  • Portugal dos Pequenitos

    Portugal dos Pequenitos

    Park featuring small-scale buildings representing monuments and other elements of the Portuguese culture.    

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  • House of Fados À Capella

    House of Fados À Capella

    One of the most traditional Fado houses of Coimbra, it is still used as an excellent Portuguese cuisine restaurant.

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  • Fado ao Centro

    Fado ao Centro

    This place features live Fado shows every day, being a must-visit place in Coimbra.

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  • Quinta das Lágrimas

    Quinta das Lágrimas

    This majestic hotel is a seventeenth century palace that has been restored. Its restaurant is one of the most respected of Coimbra

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  • "Quebra" Bar

    "Quebra" Bar

    Emblematic bar with jazz and alternative music and that also houses exhibits. It has an outdoor sitting spot.

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  • Diligência Bar

    Diligência Bar

    A cozy space that functions as a bar and a Fado house, one of the oldest and most recognized in Coimbra.    

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  • Dux Taberna Urbana

    Dux Taberna Urbana

    A restaurant with great quality food. Their prices are inviting, perfect for group dinners.    

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  • Gallery Bar Santa Clara

    Gallery Bar Santa Clara

    Working since 1993 as gallery and bar. Open every day from 2 pm to 2 am (up to 3 am on Fridays and Saturdays).    

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  • Restaurante Zé Manuel dos Ossos

    Restaurante Zé Manuel dos Ossos

    One of the most famous taverns of Coimbra. On the menu, we highlight the bones with spicy flavors, the roasted piglet and the wild

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  • Munich II

    Munich II

    It stands out for the seafood, always fresh and delicious, and for the fish dishes. Nice space and excellent service.

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  • Compostu Tavern

    Compostu Tavern

    Restaurant with attractive prices, highlighted by its renowned francesinhas, suitable for group dinners.    

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  • Mondego Pools

    Mondego Pools

    Traditional Portuguese cuisine and innovative vegetarian dishes are the brand image of this new place.

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  • Parque Verde do Mondego

    Parque Verde do Mondego

    Beautiful place to walk, run, date and have picnics. Not all cities can boast of a park like this...

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  • Chapel of St. Michael

    Chapel of St. Michael

    The original chapel dates back to the sixth century, after the conquest of the city from the Moors. Interior decor performed over

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  • Ponte de Pedro e Inês

    Ponte de Pedro e Inês

    Pedestrian and bike path bridge over the Mondego river. Its length is of about 274.5 meters, with the tray having a mixed steel an

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  • Penedo da Saudade

    Penedo da Saudade

    Park and viewpoint built in 1849, it has a fantastic view over the eastern part of the city to the Mondego river and the mountain

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  • Largo da Portagem

    Largo da Portagem

    The town main square got its name from the former taxes charged on goods arriving to the city.

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  • General Library of the University of Coimbra

    General Library of the University of Coimbra

    It is divided into two buildings: one with a collection of books and documents prior to 1800, and a more recent one, with over 1 m

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  • Square 8th of May

    Square 8th of May

    Central square of Coimbra whose name has its origin on the arrival of the liberal troops of the Duke of Terceira in the  8th

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  • Santa Clara-a-Nova Convent

    Santa Clara-a-Nova Convent

    Built in the seventeenth century to replace the old medieval monastery. The building has a baroque style, sober and utilitarian, d

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  • Santiago Church

    Santiago Church

    Romanesque church from the reign of Sancho the First. It stands out for its two outer panels, due to the decoration of the chapite

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  • Café Couraça de Lisboa

    Café Couraça de Lisboa

    Bar with terrace, facing the Botanical Garden and the Mondego River, visited by students of the University.

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  • Aqui Base Tango

    Aqui Base Tango

    Tea room, gin bar, concert venue, wine bar... A cosmopolitan place that has it all.

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  • The Rock Planet

    The Rock Planet

    Space with elegance and decorated with some of the great names of international rock. And of course, that is the musical genre hea

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  • The Pousadinha

    The Pousadinha

    Fantastic Tentúgal pastries, hand-crafted. The very thin dough melts in your mouth and the filling is made of egg custard. &n

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  • Commerce Square

    Commerce Square

    It is the heart of the city of Coimbra. Full of cafés, shops and restaurants, is safe to say that it won't lack animation.

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  • Science Museum

    Science Museum

    Located at the University of Coimbra, it's an interactive space that presents science in a simple way, for all ages.

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  • The Sister Lucia Memorial

    The Sister Lucia Memorial

    An area created in a building attached to the Carmel of Saint Theresa, with objects used or made by Sister Lucia throughout her li

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  • Monastery of Cells

    Monastery of Cells

    Cistercian work and circular style church. Tours accompanied by a guide-interpreter of the Municipality of Coimbra.

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  • Museum of the Holy House of Mercy of Coimbra

    Museum of the Holy House of Mercy of Coimbra

    It was built between 1593 and 1604, in Mannerist style, and opened in 2000, the year of the 500th anniversary of the Mercy Foundat

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  • Academic Coimbra Museum

    Academic Coimbra Museum

    Space located in the old school of St. Jerome, with a vast collection of academic objects and memorabilia from Fado singers. 

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  • Fountain of the Jews

    Fountain of the Jews

    Public Baroque fountain built in the reign of King John the 5th, opposite to the Mango Garden at the Square 8th of May.

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  • Academic Prison

    Academic Prison

    It is the only existing medieval jail in Portugal, and much of its original constitution is still kept nowadays.  

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  • St. Bartholomew

    St. Bartholomew's Church

    Located in the Commerce Square, it is known that it already existed in the mid-tenth century. Rebuilt in the eighteenth century, i

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  • Water Museum

    Water Museum

    Space that receives school tours that are accompanied by an educator and complemented with educational activities.   &nb

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  • Pátio da Inquisição

    Pátio da Inquisição

    Group of buildings with architectural value where the Inquisition Court was installed, on 1548.

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  • Gil Vicente Academic Coliseum

    Gil Vicente Academic Coliseum

    Important cultural structure of the University of Coimbra since 1961, it offers a regular and diverse programming.   &nb

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  • Statue of King John the Third

    Statue of King John the Third

    This sculpture from Francisco Franco, located in the Schools Square, is a tribute to the 15th king of Portugal, who ruled in the s

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  • Major seminary of the Sacred Family

    Major seminary of the Sacred Family

    Building from 1748, with a frontage of five bodies. Around it are beautiful baroque gardens. 

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  • The Toga

    The Toga

    A shop specializing in college's clothing, especially in the academic and custom outfits.

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  • Palmeira Pastry shop

    Palmeira Pastry shop

    A traditional Coimbra pastry shop, known for its fantastic desserts.

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  • Fórum Coimbra

    Fórum Coimbra

    In addition to upscale stores, restaurants and cinemas, the top floor provides a fantastic view of Coimbra.    

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  • Coisas & Sabores

    Coisas & Sabores

    A shop for gourmet regional products of unquestionable quality and with close attention to the novelties. Great location. &nb

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  • Municipal Market D. Pedro V

    Municipal Market D. Pedro V

    Market with all kinds of food products, always with the greatest freshness. It has also flowers and agricultural products.

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  • Hell Valley Viewpoint

    Hell Valley Viewpoint

    Situated near the road, this viewpoint offers an unmissable view over the city of Coimbra and the Mondego River.

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  • Fernão de Magalhães Avenue Picnic Garden

    Fernão de Magalhães Avenue Picnic Garden

    Pleasant area with many green spaces and wooden tables, ideal for a picnic during fine weather.

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  • Sá da Bandeira Avenue Garden

    Sá da Bandeira Avenue Garden

    You can breathe in fresh air at this garden with an evocative monument of World War II and many trees and lakes.

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  • Downtown Coimbra

    Downtown Coimbra

    The narrow streets of Downtown Coimbra, crowded with shops, restaurants and interesting cafés, are the perfect invitation for a wa

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  • Praça da Canção

    Praça da Canção

    The finest place in Coimbra to listen to and enjoy live music performances.

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  • Casa Costa Tavern

    Casa Costa Tavern

    Much more than just a tavern, this is a restaurant known for its Portuguese appetizers and the lively atmosphere.

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  • Barbacã Door

    Barbacã Door

    It was the main door to the city of Coimbra during the Moor age.  The sculpture of the Virgin Mary  and the National Coa

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  • City Hall

    City Hall

    Building of great architectural value situated in the Square 8th of Maio and hosting the major events of the Municipality of Coimb

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  • Oficina Municipal do Teatro

    Oficina Municipal do Teatro

    Theatre classes for all ages, featuring performances organized by the company "O Teatrão."    

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  • Miguel de Carvalho Bookshop

    Miguel de Carvalho Bookshop

    Here it is possible to find an impressive collection of old books, especially from Portuguese Literature of the nineteenth and twe

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  • Bingo from Académica de Coimbra

    Bingo from Académica de Coimbra

    Many bingo halls have closed in Portugal recently, but this one has stood up for many years and continues to be very popular.

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  • Tropical Café

    Tropical Café

    A very pleasant space, with an outdoor sitting place and a simple decor. Frequented mainly by the student community.   &

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  • Tea House at the Mermaid Garden

    Tea House at the Mermaid Garden

    A classy location, which serves lunch and snacks, with special attention to the exquisite regional flavors.

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  • Garden Gin & Wine Bar

    Garden Gin & Wine Bar

    A bar with great taste, offering wine and appetizers, as well as a vast variety of gin and nights dedicated to jazz.   &

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  • Tapas Brewery & Seafood

    Tapas Brewery & Seafood

    The seafood and snacks are kings in this famous house that serves food of excellent quality.

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  • Coimbra Shopping

    Coimbra Shopping

    A Shopping Centre where you may find all kinds of products in various stores and several restaurants.

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