City Guide & Suggestions

Do you want to make a tour in Braga? “Heart of the Minho”, “City of Archbishops”, “Portugal´s Rome”, “City of the Three Holy Mounts”… Are some of Braga's highlights? You decide. Visit the countless churches and palaces in Braga, the oldest city in Portugal, dating back to the Romans, and take a pause in one of its many lovely gardens. Then, for the cherry on the top of Braga's sightseing, gaze at the stunning view from the Bom Jesus do Monte Sanctuary. Yellow Bus is Braga's best travel guide!

  • Town Hall Square

    Town Hall Square

    Formerly called Campo de Toiros, it was inaugurated in the second half of the sixteenth century.

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  • Church of the Carmo

    Church of the Carmo

    The Church is located in the parish of São Vicente. Inaugurated in 1655, it is part of the Convent of the Carmelites.

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  • Avenida Central

    Avenida Central

    One of the main avenues of Braga. Also known as Avenida dos Combatentes, it is located in the historic center of the city.

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  • Church of the Pópulo

    Church of the Pópulo

    The Church is located in the Plaza Conde de Agrolongo. Its construction begun in 1596 and dragged on until the nineteenth century.

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  • Train Station

    Train Station

    Braga's train station was opened as a terminal interface of the Braga branch in May 1875. 

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  • Campo das Hortas

    Campo das Hortas

    Place where  the Fonte do Campo das Hortas is located, originated in 1594 and the Casa Grande, of the eighteenth century.

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  • “Sé” Cathedral

    “Sé” Cathedral

    The construction started in the eleventh century  and is a building of mixed  styles of Romanesque, Baroque and Manuelin

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  • Largo Carlos Amarante

    Largo Carlos Amarante

    Formerly called Rossio de S. Marcos due to the relics brought by the templars to the city of Braga.    

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  • Tourist Office of Braga

    Tourist Office of Braga

    Located at Av. da Liberdade, is open from Monday to Friday from 09h00 to 18h30. Week-ends open until 18: 00.    

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  • Bom Jesus

    Bom Jesus

    This Catholic sanctuary is an architectural landscaped group consisting of a church, a staircase, woods and an elevator.

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  • Church of São Victor

    Church of São Victor

    It was built in 1686 on the remains of an earlier temple, by the initiative of the Archbishop Luís de Sousa.    

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  • Museum of the Biscaínhos

    Museum of the Biscaínhos

    The museum is part of the Palace of the Biscaínhos, which began to be built in the seventeenth century. Open from Monday to Friday

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  • Archbishop

    Archbishop's Palace Square

    Square located in the historic center of Braga, where you can find the fountain Chafariz dos Castelos, from 1723.

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  • Plaza Conde Agrolongo

    Plaza Conde Agrolongo

    Square inaugurated by the Archbishop Diogo de Sousa in the sixteenth century, in memory of the philanthropist Count of Agrolongo.

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  • Largo de Santiago and Largo de São Paulo

    Largo de Santiago and Largo de São Paulo

    These are considered the most important squares of the urban heritage of Braga. There you'll find the Seminar and the Santiago Tow

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  • Sanctuary of the Sameiro

    Sanctuary of the Sameiro

    This sanctuary was initiated in the mid-nineteenth century and is the second largest center of the Marian devotion in Portugal.

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  • Monastery of the Tibães

    Monastery of the Tibães

    It is located in the parish of Mire de Tibães. Founded in the eleventh century, includes the Church and the Cross of Tibães. 

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  • Museu Regional de Arqueologia D. Diogo de Sousa

    Museu Regional de Arqueologia D. Diogo de Sousa

    It was established in 1918 as an archeology and general art museum. It is a public infrastructure dependent of the Northern Region

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  • Palace of the Raio

    Palace of the Raio

    This Palace, built between 1754 and 1755, is one of the most notable buildings of civil architecture of the city in Joanine baroqu

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  • Arch of the Porta Nova

    Arch of the Porta Nova

    It was one of the gates in the city walls, torn in 1512, at the the Archbishop of Braga, D. Diogo de Sousa's era.

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  • Roman Baths of Maximinos

    Roman Baths of Maximinos

    These baths, also referred to as Highs of The City and Hill of Maximinos, were discovered in 1977.

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  • Axa Stadium

    Axa Stadium

    Inaugurated in 2003, with capacity for 30,000 spectators, it distinguishes itself because it was built in a former quarry.

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  • Museum Pius XII

    Museum Pius XII

    Founded in 1957, dedicated to the Sacred Art and Archaeology. Is located in the Conciliar Seminary of Santiago in Braga.

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  • Castle of Braga

    Castle of Braga

    Ancient castle surrounded by buildings in the center of the city. It was initiated in the thirteenth century, during the reign of

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  • Convent of the Congregates

    Convent of the Congregates

    Exemplar of religious architecture in the baroque style. It was built during the final of the seventeenth century by the Congregat

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  • Church of Saint Vicent

    Church of Saint Vicent

    Church with a baroque style, built in the sixteenth century. A tombstone left by the ancestors is the main attraction.

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  • Nogueira da Silva Museum

    Nogueira da Silva Museum

    Established in honor of Braga's philanthropist António Augusto Nogueira da Silva, it stands out in tapestry, sculpture and paintin

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  • City Hall

    City Hall

    Headquarters of the Municipality of Braga. Construction from the eighteenth century, it's one of the finest examples of Baroque in

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  • Church of Santa Cruz

    Church of Santa Cruz

    Built in the seventeenth century in Baroque Mannerist style, it possesses in its interior unusual golden carving.   &nbs

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  • Garden of Santa Barbara

    Garden of Santa Barbara

    Public municipal garden, next to the medieval wing of the Episcopal Palace of Braga, where the statue of Santa Barbara is. &n

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  • Chapel of São Sebastião

    Chapel of São Sebastião

    Founded in the late fifteenth century, its tiles portray the life and martyrdom of Saint Sebastian.    

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  • Praça da República

    Praça da República

    Popularly simply referred to as Arcade, the square was inaugurated in the finals of the Middle Age. It is located in the historic

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  • Church of the Misericórdia of Braga

    Church of the Misericórdia of Braga

    It was built between 1560 and 1562, and is one of the only Renaissance monuments of the city. Located in the historic center of th

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  • Fountain of the Águas Férreas

    Fountain of the Águas Férreas

    It was inaugurated in 1773 and reopened in 1997 with new rehabilitation. The water is mineral, hypo-thermal, and has low iron leve

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  • University of Minho

    University of Minho

    The University is spread between the cities of Braga and Guimarães. The Rector ship and the Campus Gualtar are located in the city

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  • Fountain of the Idol

    Fountain of the Idol

    It is believed to have been built in the first century, the Idols's Fountain is the only Roman monument from Bracara Augusta to ha

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  • Theater Circus

    Theater Circus

    Inaugurated in 1915, is considered the most prestigious theater in Braga. Located in the Av. da Liberdade.

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  • Church of São Paulo

    Church of São Paulo

    Inaugurated in 1589, is were it is guarded the best set of Baroque art produced in Braga.

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  • Church of the Lapa

    Church of the Lapa

    It was inaugurated on September 7, 1764. The Church is in neoclassical style, with the bell tower adjoined.

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  • Chapel of Guadalupe

    Chapel of Guadalupe

    It was built in 1725 on the top of the hill of St. Margaret, by the Archbishop of Braga, D. Rodrigo de Moura Teles.

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  • Church of Montariol

    Church of Montariol

    Church belonging to Montariol Seminar. It is built on top of the Mount Calvelo being one of the viewpoints  of the city.

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  • Chapel of São Frutuoso

    Chapel of São Frutuoso

    Built between the years 650 and 665 with the name of São Salvador of Montélios, by the Bishop of Braga, São Frutoso.   &

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  • Hospital building of St. Marcus

    Hospital building of St. Marcus

    Baroque building of the eighteenth century. On the top of the building are eight images representing martyrs and apostles. &n

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  • Museum of Image

    Museum of Image

    Museum housed in a recovered old house, which presents temporary exhibitions of national and international photography artists.

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  • Church of Nossa Senhora-a-Branca

    Church of Nossa Senhora-a-Branca

    Baroque chapel with a single nave, a bell tower and a sacristy, following the traditional Braga scheme.    

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  • Church of Nossa Senhora da Torre

    Church of Nossa Senhora da Torre

    Church built between 1756 and 1759, designed by the architect André Soares.

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  • Chapel of São Bento

    Chapel of São Bento

    Baroque and neoclassical chapel, dating from the mid-eighteenth century. The inside is highlighted by a panel representing São Ben

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  • House of Avenida Central or Casa Rolão

    House of Avenida Central or Casa Rolão

    House built in the first half of the eighteenth century, with a frontispiece of two floors, representative of the Rococo taste.

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  • House of Pelames Street

    House of Pelames Street

    House from the late seventeenth century or early eighteenth century, where stands up the use of stonework in the cornices.

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  • House of the Passadiço

    House of the Passadiço

    Solar baroque with two floors, baroque noble entrance and a portal surrounded by a wall with grid, which limits the garden. &

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  • Estúdio 22

    Estúdio 22

    The bar Estúdio 22 is a space with cultural character. Live concerts take place here, as well as exhibitions and other events.

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  • Mário Sequeira Gallery - House of the Coimbras

    Mário Sequeira Gallery - House of the Coimbras

    This gallery is installed in a Gothic and Manueline style building, dating back to 1525, and features contemporary works of art.&n

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  • Central Avenue Garden

    Central Avenue Garden

    Garden with lush vegetation, flowerbeds and benches. Featured is a fountain, a lake, a bandstand and statues of individualities.

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  • Garden of the Senhora-a-Branca

    Garden of the Senhora-a-Branca

    It is almost a continuation of the Jardim da Avenida Central. Here you can relax and watch the surrounding overview of the city of

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  • Velha-a-Branca - Cultural Shipyard

    Velha-a-Branca - Cultural Shipyard

    A building of the seventeenth century in the historic center of the city is the home of this non-profit cooperative which is opene

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  • Braga

    Braga's Pedagogical farm

    Old traditional farm in northern  Portugal which was restored for educational and pedagogical purposes. Aims to show the chil

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  • Cruz Sobral

    Cruz Sobral

    The restaurant was founded in 1929. Functions in an old smithy, of which there are still traces, as evidenced by the original deco

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  • Casa Alves

    Casa Alves

    One of the best restaurants in town serving great dishes of national and regional cuisine. It has a good wine cellar.  

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  • Abadia d

    Abadia d'Este

    Rustic restaurant serving regional cuisine, served in abundant portions. Housed in a Farm, three kilometers from Braga.

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  • Brac


    Open since 2008, this restaurant with a cosmopolitan environment results from the passion for good food and well-being at the tabl

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  • Arcoense


    It was renovated in 2014, with a more modern and refined decor. Features a regional cuisine of top confection.    

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  • Centurium


    Space where the Casa da Legião was located, from the nineteenth century, with the same old features (granite walls and ceiling arc

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  • A Ceia

    A Ceia

    Regional restaurant of cozy atmosphere and rustic decor offering friendly service and a familiar atmosphere.    

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  • Bem-Me-Quer


    It exists since 1953 and still belongs to the same family nowadays. Specialties from the region of Minho are to eat and cry for mo

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  • Casa d

    Casa d'Avó Micas

    It exists since 1953 and still belongs to the same family nowadays. Specialties from the region of Minho are to eat and cry for mo

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  • Inácio


    Typical location, cozy, with the best of the Minho regional cuisine, in a house with tradition. It is distinguished by its quality

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  • O Alexandre

    O Alexandre

    Located near the Cathedral, this large space offers an attentive service and Minho regional food of high quality.

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  • Brito


    Chef Paulo Pontes' wine cellar, with traditional flavors of Portuguese cuisine, especially from Minho.     

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  • Insólito


    This bar has a closed part with a dance floor, an outdoor area with a terrace and three bars.    

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  • Berber


    Moroccan bar with cozy atmosphere, at half-light, and decor to match. On weekends there are belly dancers.    

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  • Coffee shop Vianna

    Coffee shop Vianna

    Centenary coffee shop where the original architecture was maintained. Through here passed writers as Eça de Queiroz and Camilo Cas

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  • A Brasileira Coffee shop

    A Brasileira Coffee shop

    One of the oldest and most historical coffee shops in the city, having celebrated one hundred years in 2007. Localized in the hist

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  • Astória


    The works of restoration and renovation of Astoria's centennial facilities revived this space for the nightlife in Braga.

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  • Liffey Irish Pub

    Liffey Irish Pub

    Cozy bar with a relaxed atmosphere, where you can enjoy a great selection of beers from all around the world.

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  • Domus Vinum

    Domus Vinum

    Here you will find a nice and cozy space, with environment selected to enjoy the best wines of the region.    

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  • Conclave


    Space in the city center. Open every day of the week. On Fridays and Saturdays with live acts.    

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  • Copo 1/2

    Copo 1/2

    Cosmopolitan space and wine bar for all of those who don't dispense the comfort, service and pleasant atmosphere.

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  • Deslize Bar

    Deslize Bar

    One of the oldest bars in town. Now with new "look", it meets the requirements of the night spots.    

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  • Rua Diogo de Sousa

    Rua Diogo de Sousa

    This street is a pedestrian street where you can shop and enjoy the features of the historic center of Braga.

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  • Rua do Souto

    Rua do Souto

    Street situated in the historic center of the city of Braga with many department stores where you can go shopping.   &nb

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  • Shopping Braga Parque

    Shopping Braga Parque

    The Braga Parque inaugurated in 2007 with more than six thousand square meters of fashion, culture and leisure.

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