City Guide & Suggestions

Come with us and discover the Island of São Miguel, one of the best kept secrets of the Atlantic.
For its natural richness little explored by Men, the Azores keep ecosystems and paradise landscapes that only use of their simplicity to dazzle us.
We’ll help you discover this island by land in two bus tours, and by sea in a boat tour through the vast Atlantic.

  • Portas da Cidade

    Portas da Cidade

    The arches are the gateways to the island and an excellent way of introducing the city to tourists.The arches are the gateways to

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  • Caldeira Velha

    Caldeira Velha

    One of the most sought-after sites for its hot spring pools, where water temperatures can be as high as 35 oC.

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  • Ribeira Grande

    Ribeira Grande

    One of the island’s three cities, it has viewpoints, gardens and cultural facilities; Visit the famous liqueur factory called “

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  • Market


    This is where we find the island’s fresh produce, cheese and pineapples, in a mesmerising mix of aromas and colours.

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  • Tourist Office

    Tourist Office

    The Tourist Office, in the arcades, gives tourists all the information they need about all the islands.

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  • Igreja do Senhor Santo Cristo

    Igreja do Senhor Santo Cristo

    The church houses the wooden image of Santo Cristo dos Milagres, as it is known, the most worshiped and old cult on the island.&nb

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  • Lagoa do Fogo

    Lagoa do Fogo

    Walking trails along the crater of the extinct volcano and secluded nooks overlooking magnificent landscapes.

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  • Porto da Caloura

    Porto da Caloura

    A holiday resort with beaches, esplanades and restaurants.

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  • Fajã de Baixo

    Fajã de Baixo

    Visit to the pineapple plantations.

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  •  Vila Franca do Campo

    Vila Franca do Campo

    Visit to the pineapple plantations; taste the famous Vila Franca cheese tarts, the typical pastries of the island.

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  • Lagoa do Canário

    Lagoa do Canário

    Viewpoints, walking trails and hideaways in which to relax and listen to Nature.

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  • Vista de Rei

    Vista de Rei

    A viewpoint facing Lagoa das Sete Cidades, where you can clearly spot the blue and the green colours of the lagoon.

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  • Lagoa Azul

    Lagoa Azul

    The “blue part” of the lagoon called Lagoa das Sete Cidades is the perfect spot for water sports and leisure.

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  • Campos de Chá e Fábrica da Gorreana

    Campos de Chá e Fábrica da Gorreana

    A must-visit to learn about tea plantation and to taste the different varieties of tea produced on site.

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  • Fumarolas das Furnas

    Fumarolas das Furnas

    Where the steam and spring waters are used for drinking or bathing. The valley of Furnas is also known for its typical Cozido d

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  • Parque Terra Nostra

    Parque Terra Nostra

    A typical park marked by its immense and varied vegetation, places where you can relax, and medicinal water pools.

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  • Ermida do Monte Santo

    Ermida do Monte Santo

    At the top of Pico da Figueira we find this picturesque and interesting place known for some sightings of Our Lady.

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  • Igreja da Senhora da Vitória

    Igreja da Senhora da Vitória

    This odd-looking stone building is set against a lush background on the banks of Lagoa das Furnas.

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  • Poça da Dona Beija

    Poça da Dona Beija

    One of the most popular sites sought after by tourists for its hot spring pools.

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