Solar do Ribeirinho Museum Centre

The Machico Museum Centre is a building dating from the 17th century, where a cultural institution was founded after the restoration of “Solar do Ribeirinho” Manor House.

In this museum you can find, in an interactive way, stories and characters that were part of nearly 500-years history of Machico, distributed along four exhibition themes.

During the course of the four themes, visitors can discover and observe various historical objects: a cross that belonged to Machim, a painting of the first Captain-donee of Machico (Tristão Vaz Teixeira), a 17th century processional cross of great artistic interest, an extremely rare 16th century seal with an ivory handle and silver die, several archaeological objects in ceramic, stone and metal, an inscription with a poem from the 18th century poet from Machico, Francisco Alvares de Nóbrega, and various objects that form the economic, social and cultural history of Machico, from the early days of settlement in the 15th century until the 20th century. The museum has didactic and educational resources, based on new information technologies. The texts are in English and Portuguese.