Vine and Wine Museum

The Vine and Wine Museum is located at the Experimental Viticulture Station in Arco de São Jorge, Santana. The museum purpose is to be a living and interactive space with a restored old cellar displaying tools used in viticulture, mostly donated by the local population. There is also an experimental ground.

Three presses were restored in the cellars and in a nearby area, a room was arranged for the tasting of various local products, mainly the typical honey cake and other traditional biscuits.

In addition to the wines, wineries and tools used for decades to produce the wine, visitors can observe the several phases of the vines, such as pruning, and are given an explanation about the different grape varieties characteristics that are grown there. Still outdoors, you can enjoy the Laurisilva gardens, shrubs and trees, as well as the leisure and rest areas that provide contact with both Nature and Heritage riches of the parish.

The museum also has a “sweets and traditions” shop, where visitors can buy homemade bread, cakes, honey cake and biscuits, adornments and wickerwork.