Casa das Mudas Arts Centre

Casa das Mudas Arts Center is located in Calheta Municipality in the west of the Autonomous Region of Madeira, just over 30 minutes from Funchal.

This Arts Center has a covered construction area of 12,000 m² and was built as an extension to the existing Calheta Culture House, where the "Gallery" currently operates.
The Casa das Mudas Arts Center includes an exhibition area, auditorium, library, shop, cafeteria, restaurant and a large area for cultural activities and artistic studios and workshops and an underground car park with a capacity for 92 cars.

The building was designed to create a sober and pleasant environment, providing views from the inside, over the sea and the surrounding hills, with breath taking landscapes.
The mission of this cultural entity is to raise public awareness of and interest in the arts in general and contemporary art in particular, promoting lifelong learning and education through art.