Madeira Wine Museum

The São Francisco Cellars, "The Old Blandy Wine Lodges" include an interesting exhibition area, located in a set of buildings which are largely the only remaining part of the former São Francisco Convent in Funchal, demolished in the 19th century. The earliest phase of construction is due to Luiz Alvares da Costa and his son Francisco Alvares da Costa, who started it in 1473.
This set of buildings, which now houses the São Francisco Wineries, dates mainly from the 17th and 18th centuries and the highlights are some old warehouses, a small street paved with round cobblestones and what appears to be traces of an ancient chapel.

The Madeira Wine Company was founded in 1913, incorporating several companies or independent producers who joined forces.

The cellars are open to the public and in addition to the architectural curiosity there are tasting rooms, warehouses a shop and an exhibition area. All together, the history of Madeira wine is told, from the production process in the vineyard until its transformation into Madeira wine in its many varieties, Sercial, Malvasia, Verdelho and Boal.