Henrique and Francisco Franco Museum

The Henrique and Francisco Franco Museum is dedicated to the study, conservation, presentation and diffusion of the work of the brothers Henrique and Francisco Franco, born in Madeira and active participants in Portuguese modernity.

It houses an extensive collection of the works of these two brothers, from their early works to their period of creative maturity. From Henrique Franco (painter, 1883 - 1961) oil paintings, drawings, engravings and small frescoes and from Francisco Franco (sculptor, 1885 -1955) sculptures, drawings and engravings.

Focusing on rotating the collection through medium or long term exhibitions, the Museum offers visitors the opportunity to observe the paths taken by these two great artists.

The museum provides an educational service, designed for the dissemination of the collection and its artists, and to foster a love of art, to develop an awareness of heritage and to facilitate the encounter between the object/exhibition and the observer through guided tours, themed activities and artistic expression workshops.