Vicentes Photography Museum (CLOSED)

The Vicentes Photography Museum is located in a building located at Rua da Carreira, in the heart of the city centre, once the official, residence and photography studio of Vicente Gomes da Silva, a photography pioneer in Portugal.

Established in 1848 by Vicente Gomes da Silva this studio was transformed later into a museum. Nowadays the Vicentes Photography Museum is considered one of the most ancient photography studios in Portugal displaying photographic studio equipment grating visitors the opportunity to get to know in first hand photography scenarios, cameras, books depicting photography techniques apart from some photography furniture pieces.

This museum holds a collection of approximately 400 thousand photographic negatives, dated between 1870 and 1978, duly catalogued, and registered in 47 books, considered an important historical data base of the local commercial activities, illustrious visitors who visited Madeira and also for the study of the genealogy of the families from Madeira.

The Vicentes Photography Museum collections have enlarged due to acquisitions and donations by professional and amateur photographers, holding nowadays approximately 800 thousand photographic negatives in addition to a Cinematographic collection resultant from donations.