Northern Milling Company - SoRum

Built in the beginning of the 20th century (1927), although equipped with machinery from the 19th century, the Porto da Cruz mill is one of the most striking examples of the importance of sugar cane trade in Madeira Isl. In terms of heritage it is also a museum of major significance.

It is dedicated exclusively to the production of sugar cane rum according to the original process, including the “Branca” rum and the "Envelhecida 970 Reserva" rum.

If you visit the island between the months of March and May when the sugar cane harvest begins you can witness the sounds, movements and smells of fermentation, albeit from a safe distance due to modern safety restrictions. During the rest of the year it is possible to observe the machines and to understand the mechanism through interactive devices. At the end of the tour we suggest a visit to the Rum House, right next to the mill, where you can taste a varietyof rums.