Contemporary Art Museum

São Tiago Fort was constructed in 1614, as displayed on the primitive gate. The first stage of its erection was completed possibly around 1637, during the reign of King Philip II of Portugal, III of Spain.

The second stage of the construction works took place during the 18th century under the orders of the Governor José Correia de Sá. In the early 19th century, the fort served as military quarters to the British troops.

The Museum of Contemporary Art of Funchal displays an extensive collection of contemporary Portuguese art paintings dating from the 60s to nowadays. The primary collections integrate the collection distinguished with the Funchal Plastic Arts Award, an event carried out around 1966 and 1967.

This Museum also displays a collection of works by artists who have been developing their activity in Madeira, such as Élia Pimenta, Celso Caires, Isabel Santa Clara, Eduardo de Freitas, Graça Berimbau, Teresa Jardim, Filipa Venâncio, among others.