Nossa Senhora da Luz Church - Gaula

The primitive Church of Nossa Senhora da Luz (Our Lady of Light), in Gaula, was built in 1509 and underwent several periods of construction until the 18th century.  This church had a bell weighing 117 kilos donated by Dom João V.
On the dawn of September 20th 1964, a fire almost destroyed the entire church, from the marble statue of the Lady of Light to the paving stones of the churchyard.
The current church was built on the site and its costs were supported by natives of the parish, both current and former residents.
The festivity in honour of Senhora da Luz is celebrated every year on the Sunday of the week of September, 8th. On that day there is a grand procession that attracts many pilgrims, whose focus is the image of Senhora da Luz, adorned with gold that is the reason of pledges and donations.