Água de Pena Sports Complex

The Água de Pena Sports Complex is a high-flying project open to the public, built on Madeira Airport’s platform. Here, there are more than a dozen multi-purpose pitches, including a sand court for beach football and volleyball.

The main objective of building this Sports Complex was the creation of an extensive recreational and sports area aimed primarily at sports but also with a more leisure-related multi-purpose nature.

The complex offers areas for hockey, skating, 5-a-side Football, mini basketball, volleyball, handball, football, beach volleyball, tennis, paddle tennis, squash and Madeirabol, as well as areas for skateboarding/BMX and extreme sports, such as sliding and climbing.

There is a panoramic deck running along the seafront around almost all of the property as far as the nautical club; an access to the sea has been constructed here, with a landing, sunbathing area and beach infrastructure, including showers and relaxation areas.

The major feature in the centre of the complex is a large amphitheatre, where all sorts of different types of shows can be held. Lastly, the complex also has a gym, picnic areas, landscaped zones, logistical support, a restaurant, cafés and terraces, lockers, bathroom facilities, areas for children, commercial areas, maintenance circuits and 311 parking places.