São Bento railway station considered to be one of the 14 most beautiful in the world

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The famous North American magazine Travel+ Leisure has classified the São Bento railway station as one of the most beautiful in the world along with others such as the Gare du Nord, in Paris, the Atocha, in Madrid or the Grand Central Terminal in New York.

The magazine highlights the stone façade, the mansard roofs and the 20 thousand “ splendid tiles” Jorge Colaço produced by the  Fábrica Cerâmica Lusitana.

These tiles illustrate some episodes from the history of Portugal such as the arrival of King João I in Porto to celebrate his wedding with D. Filipa de Lencastre, the Arcos de Valdevez tournament, the transport evolution and “picturesque landscapes and popular and regional traditions”.

The railway station of S. Bento, a paradigmatic example of “beaux-arts” architecture is a project by the famous architect from Porto Marques da Silva, having been inaugurated in 1916.

Source: Turismo do Porto