Carristur – Inovação em Transportes Urbanos e Regionais is a company wholly-owned by Carris and which operates in three different sectors:


Carristur is the main open-top bus tour operator in Portugal, with a presence in six of the country's most beautiful cities: Lisbon, Oporto, Funchal, Coimbra, Braga and Guimarães.

Cities as emblematic as these have an obligation to welcome visitors with open arms and excellent service. Aware of this, we have a modern fleet of vehicles so that your experience of the city can be as comfortable as possible. But we also provide the more exclusive and unique as well, such as the red tram we run in Lisbon.

By means of the tours we operate, we aim to provide a unique experience to those who visit us, ensuring they discover the city's main points of interest, and the chance to uncover the “city's essence”, its sound, sights, smells and sensations.
Surpassing the expectations of those who visit us and being a responsible promoter of the cities where we operate are two commitments that we are proud to fulfill on a daily basis.

For more information, please contact:
General Tel.: +351 21 361 31 93

Tourist Information:
Lisbon +351 966 298 558, +351 213478030
Porto +351 967 659 257, +351 222080255
Funchal +351 966 923 943
Braga +351 966 923 947
Coimbra +351 239 801 100
Guimarães +351 253 515 400, +351 939 626 350


Carristur develops training and consultancy projects for companies working within the passenger and goods transport sector. In this way it contributes to raising levels of knowledge, developing new skills and motivating and enhancing company personnel such as drivers, foremen, administrative staff, instructors, technical and managerial staff and others.

• Vocational training: designed to suit the needs of the company;
• Transport consultancy:
• Land use planning;
• Economic and social studies;
• Transport network planning;
• Logistical systems and platforms;
• Other;
• Support with applications for funding for training purposes.

For more information, please contact:
Tel.: +351 21 361 30 10


Innovation and New Business Opportunities

This department of Carristur is dedicated to the study and development of new business ventures and is responsible for identifying new market opportunities and launching fresh products.


At the moment, there are no vacancies in Carristur. However, if you want to send a spontaneous application, you may do so by sending your CV to